For the Love of Food Premiers Tuesday May 1!

An Exploration of Oberlin’s Emerging Local Food Webs

Tuesday, May 1st
Environmental Studies Center
Hallock Auditorium
Screenings at 7:00 and 8:30pm

The film will screen at 7:00 and 8:30pm with local food h’ordeuvres and an interactive gallery between screenings where you can connect with others in your community and share your own projects, experiences, and ideas for expanding Oberlin’s thriving local food scene!


Webster’s new word of the year in 2009, “locavore” describes “one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible”. But what if the definition applies to an entire town? For the Love of Food celebrates Oberlin’s long history of innovation in advancing sustainable local food systems, including narratives from the college, the community and farmers and food entrepreneurs from across Northeast Ohio. The film weaves together the diverse drivers of Oberlin’s local food system, including a retired professor turned winemaker, an Oberlin-graduate turned beat-boxing pre-school chef, backyards, schoolyards, and vacant lots turned into food oases, dining halls, coops, and restaurants investing in the local food economy, a goat farmer turning an empty urban building into a new artisan creamery, a farm that grows both food and farmers, and many others. Within this web of community connections lie a new expression of participatory democracy and sustainable local economy all contained in one small town in northern Ohio.

The film poses the question- are local food systems a trend, a hobby, a passing interest or do they contain the seeds for fundamentally transforming our economy, our culture, and our relationship to the earth?

The film invigorates a new form of community-based cinema. More than looking at cinema as a passive viewing experience, the film will provide a community space to learn from and be inspired by each other’s stories and to make new connections to grow the local food movement in and around Oberlin.

About the Filmmakers:

Congruent with its subject, the film features the homegrown talent of Oberlin-based filmmakers Brad Masi and Mika Johnson and an array of high school and college students, community members, and recent alumnae who assisted with filming, editing, music, and sound.

See a teaser for the film at:

The film is a collaborative effort between The New Agrarian Center, the Oberlin Project, Oberlin College,, and Blue Heron Productions


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