Compost Summit this Saturday, April 21

Compost Summit 2012

Help Complete Oberlin’s Local Food Cycle By Planning Our Compost Future

Saturday, April 21st

9:30am – 4:00pm

Atruim of the Oberlin College Science Center

at 119 Woodland Avenue

OVERVIEW- Organic Matters in Oberlin!
The phrase “waste equals food” demonstrates a prominent principal of sustainability. In nature, all waste becomes food for other organisms.

How can we expand this notion of “waste equals food” to a community-wide composting effort in Oberlin that links food and organic waste composting to the growth of local food systems? How can we harness the wastes generated on-campus and in the community to build soil, generate energy, cycle nutrients, and provide inputs for local farms or urban gardens?

Join us on Saturday April 21st as we learn, network, and consider comprehensive composting initiatives that will enhance Oberlin’s already thriving local food scene.

But don’t wait until April 21st! You can start the conversation now! Check out the’s interactive video and resource library to look at a variety of approaches that Ohio communities have taken to turn waste into food! Comment on which options or approaches might make the most sense for Oberlin.

APRIL 21st EVENT DETAILS (Click here for schedule)
LEARN! During the morning (9:30 -12:00), learn more about composting efforts on-campus and in the Oberlin community that provide a good starting place for considering expansion of composting efforts.

NETWORK AND DANCE! During lunch (12:00-1:00), feast on local grains brought to you by Bon Appetit Management Company and the Local Grain Train- a student-based initiative to increase local grains and staples purchasing. Lunch will also include a performance by OSteel, Oberlin’s steel drum band.

DO! During the afternoon (1:00-4:30), brainstorm, map out, and evaluate different composting options in the community.

REGISTER! Click here to learn more about the event, check out our interactive resource library, or to register.

For more information, contact:

Heather Adelman, Oberlin Project,

Abby Halperin, Student CDS Recycling Representative,

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