Summer Opportunity with Sustainable Agriculture

Check out this great program, passed on to us by an Oberlin alum!

Ecology Action Two Month Summer Program

Multiple Locations in Northern California


Ecology Action will be offering a new two-month summer program that will teach small-scale, low input farming methods. The program will take place at several locations in Northern California from June 15th through August 14th. Interns will learn practical skills that address issues of food insecurity through a combination of hands-on fieldwork and classroom teaching. Interns of the summer program will also have the opportunity to work alongside farmers and activists from several different countries who will be attending Ecology Action’s longer six month training program.

Aware of the intensifying world challenges and the basic need of people to feed themselves, Ecology Action has been working for over 40 years to develop an elegant, small-scale agricultural system. This system, known as Grow Biointensive, is a high-yielding, sustainable agricultural method that emphasizes local food production and is based historically on intensive food raising systems. Ecology Action has a network of affiliate organizations and former interns working around the world to enable people to promote food security.

Interns will be assisting Ecology Action in accomplishing important work that can help farmers, gardeners, and communities around the world to raise food, conserve resources and build fertile soil. The program will be a combination of garden work, lectures, readings, and design projects. Once interns have completed their stay it is hoped they will engage in public service for food security in communities across the country and around the world.


For a more detailed description of this internship program, including scheduling, locations, fees, and the application process please visit:

Applications are due April 6th.

To learn more about Ecology Action and our other projects please visit our website at:

If you have questions concerning this internship program please email:

You may also call the Ecology Action Office at 707-459-0150


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