The New Agrarian Center’s Local Food Summit

The folks with the NAC are looking for volunteers who want to help out with the Local Food Summit. If you are interested and/or could provide a ride, let us know by emailing!

Speakers will include

JUNE HOLLEY June is an expert on innovation, collaboration and networks.
After twenty years as executive director of the Appalachian
Center for Economic Networks, (ACENet) she stepped down to
devote her energies to helping communities around the globe form
Smart Networks by training and supporting Network Weavers.
The focus of Jack’s work is coaching and facilitating leaders,
organizations, and communities in building their capacity
for change.

JACK RICCHIUTO Jack will take us from “What would you like to
make possible in the next two to twenty years?” to “What
would you like to do this season to move toward your dream.”

BRAD MASI Brad will lead us through the creation of a Community
Investment Portfolio project where we will choose a
local project to invest money that is collected at the door.

Practical learning workshops on connecting local food to insiitutional food service,
vermicomposting and more! Meet and network with others and learn new ways
to grow community wealth and opportunity in our region.

Register at


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