We want a GOOD, CLEAN, FAIR Food and Farm Bill!

This is a selection of an email sent out on October 29. The information is still very pertinent. Read up!
You may or may not have heard some rumblings about the 2012 Farm Bill being rewritten this week and next by the supercommittee. This is an unfortunate turn of events, as it means that a major piece of legislation (it covers food stamps, farm subsidies, biofuel programs, agriculture research and sustainability and conservation programs) will be written largely without public input in a very unusual political climate. Nevertheless, there’s some ways to educate yourself and/or take action at the moment…

What is the Farm Bill? Go here for a quick overview. Head over here for some of the priorities for sustainable agriculture right now.

Both Rep. Marcy Kaptur and Sen. Sherrod Brown (reps for Oberlin) are on agriculture committees. Senator Rob Portman is on the supercommittee. Let them know that sustainable agriculture should be a part of this year’s farm bill. (But thank them for all the good work they do for sustainable agriculture too!)

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