TEDx Fruitvale Harvesting Change Follow Up

On Friday we had about 30 viewers turn out for our viewing party of the TEDx Fruitvale conference on farmworker justice, Harvesting Change. It was a great chance to learn more about the farmworker justice movement and to make connections here on campus for those who want to work on some of these issues. There are a number of fantastic resources if you wish to learn more, including:

A Follow Up Event to Harvesting Change will be held the week after fall break to allow students and environmental studies faculty Janet Fiskio, who attended the event in California, to reflect on the TEDx Fruitvale conference and possible ways our campus and community could become more engaged in supporting the farmworker justice movement. Date and time TBA.

TEDx Fruitvale’s website will continue to have relevant information to yesterday’s talks. Youtube videos of all the talks should be going up in a couple weeks, so if there are particular topics or speakers you missed, those will be a great resource. For those who missed the first session and were interested in a more general overview of farmworker justice, I really recommend checking out those speakers. They were especially powerful, informative, and inspiring. The website is here.

Piper or Eric are the two Bon Appetit staff who were around for this event and are always around for you! Piper is the Midwest Regional Fellow for the Bon Appetit Foundation and is a great resource for national Bon Appetit initiatives and for students looking for help or information concerning campus projects that have to do with sustainability, food justice and other cool things. Eric is our campus dietician and is a great resource for students with both dietary needs and for information about what we’re eating. Piper’s email is sarah.piper@bamco.org. Eric’s is epecherk@oberlin.edu.

This Monday night’s meeting on OSCA and CDS food sources! This Monday, October 17 at 7 pm, Nora Berson is inviting folks to gather in Wilder (room TBA) to talk about food sourcing for both OSCA and CDS. Nora is hoping particularly to focus on the labor aspects of our food sources. Last year some controversy arose around Gerber, CDS’s poultry source, and Piper (see above) will be on hand to answer some questions and collect concerns about that topic in particular. If you can’t make it on Monday night but want to be kept in the loop, get in touch with Nora, at nberson@oberlin.edu.

The Immigrant Worker’s Project is a local organization working on immigrant labor and human rights throughout Ohio. Current Oberlin student and IWP intern kindly took some time to speak with us about some of the work IWP does and why it is necessary yesterday. IWP is always looking for more help; Meredith’s email is mdiamond@oberlin.edu.

And, of course, Slow Food Oberlin strives to be a campus organization that helps educate, engage and empower students to work on food issues! We hold weekly meetings on Monday nights in Wilder 211 at 9 pm, and typically leave lots of time for working groups to tackle issues, including those pertaining to farmworker justice and labor rights in the food movement (but please note that we will not be holding regular meetings until November 7). We also have a website and facebook page which are updated pretty consistently with food news and other information.