Welcome back to school!

September means general interest meetings all over campus, and we’re not about to miss out on the fun! Whether you’re new to campus or a long time Slow Food Oberlin supporter who wants to check in, we hope you’ll join us for the general interest meeting this coming Monday night! (But don’t worry, if you can’t make it, we’ll be at the Connections Fair on Wilder Bowl on Wednesday afternoon!)


Here’s a quick description:

Do you love eating, cooking, growing, talking about, or learning about food?

How about being an advocate for food that is sustainably produced, accessible for all, healthy for our bodies and souls, and contributes to a fair and just economic system?

Welcome to Slow Food, an international movement working to tackle the problems of our current industrial food system. We’re here on campus to educate, engage and empower students around food issues, through volunteer opportunities, lectures, tastings, cooking parties, field trips, on campus campaigns and more.

There are opportunities for every student and any level of engagement, from occasionally volunteering to leading an exciting new campus organization to traveling around the world for food conferences.

Sound like your cup of tea? Join us for a general interest meeting, and bring your questions and ideas for Slow Food Oberlin.

Want more information? Visit our table at the connections fair on Sept 14 in Wilder Bowl. Or email us at oberlin@slowfoodusa.org, like us on facebook, or check out our website: https://slowfoodoberlin.wordpress.com/