Sustainable Agriculture Events are Sprouting All Over Campus!


The World Food Crisis: Political and Economic Obstacles to Sustainable Agriculture and Food System with Fred Magdoff

Thursday, April 14 – Craig Lecture Hall, 4:35 pm

This is not a Slow Food sponsored event, but it is very relevant to the work we do and should be a really interesting talk. Here’s the event description: Although enough food is produced to feed everyone in the world, more than a billion people are hungry. Even in the United States, some 50 million people lived in what the U.S. Department of Agriculture calls “food insecure” homes. And while the techniques and technologies are available to produce large yields of food while using ecologically sound techniques, most food is produced using procedures that greatly harm the environment, farmer, farm worker, and the general public. What are the reasons for these dichotomies and what can be done to create truly sustainable agricultures and food systems?

Gary Paul Nabhan Visit

A number of the events with Gary are off campus or by reservation. Email Janet Fiskio ( to reserve a spot in the van for the Sunday orchard planting in Cleveland; coffee with Nabhan Monday or Tuesday mornings, a Tuesday lunch with students, or the Tuesday potluck.

“Heirloom Fruit Search, Community Conservation, and Local Market Recovery”Sunday, April 17 Workshop – 6527 Superior, Cleveland, 12:30-2 pm

A hands-on workshop on heirloom fruit tree care. After the workshop, help build the Katherine B. Jones Memorial Woodland Garden at East 65th and Superior.

“Climate Change, Food Security and Food Diversity”Tuesday, April 19 Lecture -Hallock Auditorium, AJLC, 4:30-6 pm

Dr. Nabhan will speak about the importance of regional food traditions as a way of fostering cultural, human and ecological vitality and about the future of place based foods and the effects of climate change on agriculture.

Potluck, Tuesday, April 19 – Zion CDC, 6:30-8 pm

Join Gary, students and community members for a potluck at the Zion Community and Development Center here in Oberlin, co-hosted by Oberlin Street Law.

On Your Plate: Why Students Should Care About the Farm Bill

Date and Time TBA

Next week there will be all kinds of events on campus related to Earthweek – make sure you stop by for this one! We’ll talk about why the Farm Bill affects everyone – including students who will never be farmers. Then we’ll take that information out to the campus and spread the word. Come ready to learn and to act!